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Interior Painting Plymouth

Interior painting is one of the quickest and most cost-effective home improvements, and it can have an astonishing impact on the look and feel of your home. When you compare to other projects such as new flooring, interior painting is much simpler, cheaper and less time consuming, so it’s a fantastic choice if you want to lift your house up without investing large amounts of time and money into bigger projects.

With interior painting, there are so many different options and styles out there that it can be a bit overwhelming to choose. Lighter paint colours can brighten rooms and make spaces more enjoyable to be in and around, whereas darker colours can add a dramatic, aesthetic effect. Different colours and styles are also better suited to certain rooms. For example, you do not want your child’s bedroom to be painted the same as a bathroom. Our experienced painters are always on hand to advise you on the best colours and styles to choose to create your desired effect, and we provide a free colour consultation before every job, so you never have to worry about making a colour mistake.

Wall Painting

Wall painting is the standard painting and decorating job, and is what most people think of with regards to house painting. A fresh coat of paint to the walls can make all the difference to your home and can enhance the mood and atmosphere.

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Floor Painting

Floor painting is a lot less common than walls and ceilings, but it can also have a great impact on your home and transform it into a more exciting place. Painting of course does not work for all floor types, such as carpet, however it is suitable for hardwood, tiling, plywood, and concrete.

Ceiling Painting

Ceilings are often overlooked and ignored, because people do not tend to spend much time looking upwards. If your ceiling is looking a bit worse for wear, a new coat of paint is one of the best things you can do to bring it back to life and get it looking as good as new. Ceiling painting is not as awkward or difficult as many people expect, and if you hire The Plymouth Decorators you will have no trouble at all.

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Painting Doors and Windows

Painting is not just reserved for the walls of your home. Your doors and windows receive a lost of use, so over time the paint can begin to wear and crack. A new coat of white paint can reverse all signs of damage and have them looking as good as new. The type of paint used for doors and windows is different that of walls. A durable paint is required, and a gloss or semi gloss sheen is recommended because it makes cleaning much easier. At least two top coats of paint are required to ensure a nice, uniform finish.

Cabinet and furniture painting

Cabinet and furniture painting requires different paints and techniques to other forms of painting and decorating. Repainting furniture is a great way to make it more exciting and interesting, but it can also be used to freshen up and restore worn furniture. If you’ve got furniture in need of painting, give us a call.

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Wallpapering your room can give a more luxurious finish than that achieved with paint, so it can help to create more of a powerful effect on a room. However, wallpapering can also be very difficult to do. This is where we come in! we’ve had a lot of years on the job, so we know exactly how to prepare the surfaces and hang the wallpaper so that it comes out perfectly, leaving you with a space to be proud of.


We will also take care of any small repairs which may be required, such as damaged windowpanes and any cracks or holes in walls. If larger repairs are required which we are not able to do, then we can arrange for one of our partner contractors (carpenters, builders, plumbers) to come in and do it for us, so you won’t be left with any unresolved problems.

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Understanding the Interior Painting Process

Once you’ve made the excellent decision to choose us for your painting and decorating needs, our focus entirely revolves around making sure we give you a service that exceeds your expectations.

1 - Consultation and Planning

We begin with a consultation, to help us understand your situation and the work you would like us to complete. Then we work with you to come up with the ideal solution for your needs. We will also offer any thoughts that we have on how to get your space looking the best it can.

With the consultation completed, we will come up with a schedule designed to work around you, as well as a plan for how the work will be done.

2 - Preparation and Painting

Now that everything is planned, its time for the work to begin! We will start by ensuring your house is fully prepared to be painted. All the furniture is covered and the areas to be decorated are arranged. We then move on to what we do best – the painting. Fantastic results are guaranteed!

3 - Clean Up

Once the painting is complete, we take care to ensure everything is returned to how it was when we found it (except for the fresh new paint!), with no mess left behind.

4 - End Result

Our priority is delivering a result that you are 100% happy with. Once we’ve finished the job, we will discuss it with you to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Our guarantees

  • We always work in a friendly and professional manner – this means turning up on time and quietly getting on with the work
  • Your house will be kept tidy – we cover up floors and furniture to ensure you’re left with no paint in unwanted places
  • And of course, delivering a pleasing finish every time

We have found that when we follow these principles, everyone wins. You get a fantastic service, while we get to see yet another happy customer!

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A well painted and decorated room can bring extra life into your home, so the job must be done right. Our team of highly experienced interior painters and decorators are here to do exactly that. For many years we’ve been working in homes around Plymouth, using our expertise to transform dreary old rooms into vibrant and beautiful spaces.

Consequently, we have built a reputation for being one of Plymouth’s most trusted interior painter and decorator companies, and that is a fact that we are very proud of. To find out more about the interior painting and decorating services that we offer, give us a call on 01752 905018, fill out the contact form at the top of the page or drop us an email at